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Invitation for Participation in a Three-Day Workshop on Data Analysis Using Stata for Humanities and Social Sciences


There has been a major improvement in the quality of data analysis in quantitative research in the social sciences across the world. This is largely due three factors. First, the availability of computer hardware and software which has simplified data analysis. Second, major developments in the underlying statistical theories and better upstanding of thematic issues, various subject matter theories and their adaptation for applied research. Third, availability of research data. We have developed the ability to collect or tease out high quality social research data at individual household, firm, national and global levels.

However, to effectively use quantitative data analysis a researcher has to get several things right. The data has to be effectively harnessed and explained. The appropriate theory has to be used as a foundation for this endeavor.

While theory is being effectively taught in our universities, applied data analysis is still very weak at best and completely absent in most places.

This is where CITAD is going to make an intervention, by organizing a three-day hands-on workshop on applied data analysis using Stata. The first workshop will be an introductory course with emphasis on primary data analysis. In future it will become a data analysis training series. Other types of data analysis such as advanced primary data, time series data, panel data, multi-criteria data, big data, simulation, Bayesian analysis will be taught.

The main objectives are to improve the quality of degree research findings. This will translate into better policy recommendations that will lead to implementation of evidence-based policies in Nigeria.

Stata statistical software will be used for the workshop because it is suited for primary data analysis. Other types of software will be introduced for later depending on the type of type to be covered by future workshops.

Duration: Three days intensive hands-on workshop

Software: Stata17

Target participants: Postgraduate students of Nigerian public universities

Venue: CITAD Head office

Date: Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th October, 2022

Proposed topics

  • Introduction to social statistics
  • Types of social data
  • Introduction to Stata
  • Data management
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Graphics
  • Contingency table
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • More on descriptive statistics
  • Inferential statistics
  • Causal relationship
  • Correlation
  • Regression analysis

If you will like to participate please go the following website

 to complete data form.

Application deadline: Monday 3rd October 2022


Prospective participant must be:

  1. A dully registered graduate student of social sciences and humanities in any public university in Nigeria. Academic staff of any public owned tertiary institution can also apply. Evidence will be required during the selection process.
  2. Computer literate.
  3. Willing to devote three days needed for the workshop.

The workshop is free as part of CITAD’s educational services. However, participants from outside Kano will be responsible for their travel and accommodation.

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