Report on Digital Entrepreneurship Skills Under The Project “Digital Livelihood For Young Women And Girls”

Report on Digital Entrepreneurship Skills Under The Project “Digital Livelihood For Young Women And Girls” Implemented by CITAD with Support from Office of Embassy of the United States of America, Abuja.

Digital Entrepreneurship Skills Report for First Batch
After completion of the ICT skills phase, the twenty (20) young women of the first batch were introduced to Digital Entrepreneurship skills for ten (10) days. The session started from Wednesday 19th December, 2018 and ended by Friday 4th January, 2018 with the skip of X mass and New Year breaks. Here, the 20 beneficiaries were further divided into two different groups of twelve and eight based on their choice of their interesting packages or skills in two classes all in the morning, 9am-1pm to ease facilitation and understanding as well as improving student-centred learning. This phase was aimed at making the beneficiaries to learn digital entrepreneurship skills like Graphic design and infographics (Class A) Photography and Film and Video Editing (FAVE) in class B. In the first five days of the phase, the women were trained on the respective skills using PCs while in the last five days Android Tablets were used. The essence of facilitating using different tools is to make the beneficiaries know that they can use any available tool for them to do the business and support their learning skills especially the android phones which are very common in use nowadays. It was done successfully and the women acquired the relevant skills of their choice for the whole ten days. They demonstrated the acquired skills by using the Tablets and PCs to produce different items like calendars, Memos, Invitation cards, Fliers, Pictures and shapes as well as video coverage with editing styles. The next activity which is Business skills training has started immediately on Monday 7 January which will last for four (4) days training on three (3) components; Digital marketing for two days, Business skills training on Build Your Business Modules developed by Microsoft, International Youth Foundation (IYF) for a day, and Internet safety and security training for the last day.

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