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CITAD Trains Rural Women on Business Support Programme

Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), with support from ActionAid Nigeria commence business support training programme for women of Dakwa Dantata and Tunga Ashere communities in the FCT.

The Sponsorship Officer for CITAD, Salma Abdulwaheed, said they decided

to bring potential entrepreneur and beneficiaries of the digital skills to mentor them and to show them pathway in which they can gain financial support in their businesses and their day to day activities.

“The rural communities are left behind in and most of them are rural women that stays in the community don’t know the way to access loan or grant. “So we decided to bring agencies to talk to them to be able to show them the pathway, and mentor on what to do in their business and those that are having challenges in their businesses to show them how to counter this challenges and also how to build their business”.

The essence of the programme is to talk to the local women on how to go about the training they’ve learned.

Between last year and this year (2018/2019),we have trained over 200 student on digital skills so they can empower themselves.

“With support from ActionAid, we have been able to establish five ICT centres in different area councils; these are facilities that we have created for communities to come together to discuss community problems”.

The communities are Pasipa under Bwari LGA, two in AMAC, kwali, Tunga Ashere, Dakwa Dantata,Lele Gwari and Gaube communities are connected to the ongoing program.

She said, “CITAD is ever ready to increase the number of beneficiaries and extend it to other communities.

She called on government to support the rural communities with start up capital because this people are potential entrepreneur that want to do something for themselves and their communities.

“We do not want anybody to be left behind and we want everyone to be carried along in the digital world
the centre of ICT drive is to provide efficiency in terms of service delivery and productivity in terms of convenience.”

On start up capital, she said are aware that some of agencies give start up soft loans to start up business that is why we invited the agencies to show them the pathway for those that have already established business and for that does not on how to access this loans.

On the part of the women they said they want to open a business centre,some want to start a small scale business but the challenge they have is absence of capital for start up”.

The representative from Women Affairs, Economic Service Department, Patricia Ukana, said first thing is to register their business with the ministry as a group from there they would be able to call them if they have other support that they do to support rural women it has to come as community based organisation.

On her part,Hajara Opaluwa Adamu,ActionAid Nigeria (AAN), acknowledged and appreciated the council and all members of staff for embracing the initiative.

ActionAid, partnership and local Right Programme runs in 11 states including FCT making it twelve.

We work with local communities and our area of coverage include education, governance, humanitarian,food and agric.

We are not into service delivery but into capacity building and strengthening in which we build up their capacity to be able to meet up with with their demand.

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