CITAD Records 221 Hate,Dangerous Speeches In March

By Solace Base.

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) appealed to people and users of social media platform to develop the idea of reporting hate and Dangerous speeches so as to reduce the prevalence and forestall crisis it may lead to.

CITAD Assistant program officer, Sunusi Shazalli Sulaiman made the call on Thursday at the monthly briefing of the centre on monitoring and countering Hate and Dangerous Speeches for the month of March.

He said the data analysis indicates that 221 hate and dangerous speeches were recorded with ethnicity and religious speeches dominating the activity for the month.

Sunusi Shazalli Sulaiman said males involve in hate and dangerous speeches during the period were 92.3% and 2.7% were females while 0.5% did not reveal their identity.

He advised the social user platforms to always report such, as the offenders can be blocked from creating havoc.

He called for media support to educate the populace on the dangers associated with hate and dangerous speeches which can lead to violence.

Solacebase reports that CITAD monthly monitor and counter Hate and Dangerous Speeches but could not disseminate this for some months this year as its website was attacked by hackers.